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I was working on the 150 subscriber giveaway project, and I ran into a little setback. This incident inspired me to create this Mouse-Zilla character.

I planned an experiment with the Cheerios box panel I had painted yesterday. I tried to run that panel through my inkjet printer, but it turned out to be too thick, and my printer wouldn’t accept it.ย I thought I would have to abandon the concept, but then I thought of an idea. I decided to peel off a layer from the back of the cardboard to make it thinner. This actually worked, but it still almost jammed in the printer, and for a moment I thought it make break my inkjet printer! But it didn’t. It worked itself out. So it looks like I’m going to have to scrap the video I had planned for this weekend, because I don’t want to suggest a technique that could break people’s inkjet printers.

Anyway, after I printed the image, I trimmed the print to the size of the box canvas and used Elmer’s glue to glue it on.

I pressed it firmly and taped the edges to hold the panel in place. Then, I weighted it down with some paint bottles to be certain it will glue together nicely.

Tomorrow I will continue, once the glue has had the chance to dry.