United We Will Climb


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The next song I am writing is called United We Will Climb.  The challenge was to write a song for the theme “isolation.” I’ve finalized the lyrics and will begin releasing those along with images soon. The artwork below could become the cover of an album, once I’ve written and recorded enough songs.United We Will Climb Cover Single Cover




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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted to my blog, but I’m feeling like it’s time to start blogging again. For the last few years I’ve dedicated a lot of my free time to music. I’ve recorded an album, and now I’ve posted my first music video to my Youtube channel. Here it is.

I’ve also just released my first album on Bandcamp. It’s called Way Back to Serenity. My page on Bandcamp is at www.timcoffey.bandcamp.com.

I’m planning to blog with lyrics and commentary for many of my songs as well as videos and some new artwork from time to time. It’s been way too long since I’ve blogged, but I needed to be focused on my work and dedicated in my free time to learning about music and recording. There’s so much to learn and practice, but I’m just at the beginning stage of feeling comfortable with sharing what I’m creating.


What Inspires You



Hi Everyone,

Back in 1998, C. R. Gibson was one of my first clients when I started freelancing as an artist. When I landed my first few assignments with them, it was a really strong sign that I was going to make it in my new career. A few weeks ago, they asked me to write a blog post about what inspires me as an artist. The post I wrote for them is now published on their blog (see the link below). As part of the post, they are offering a chance to win a giveaway of an address book and guest book featuring my designs—a total value of $41! To enter, you need to go to their blog and leave a comment. They have a link to all the rules for the giveaway.

Here’s the link to my blog post on C. R Gibson’s Designed for Inspiration blog—







I hope you enjoy my post. Please comment and enter for a chance to win the prize! Don’t forget you must enter a comment on the C. R. Gibson blog to be entered (commenting here will not enter you into the giveaway!). I’ll be replying to comments on their blog for about a week or so.

Best of Luck!

Tim :0)

P.S. – I’m finally working on finishing that giveaway project that Blackbeary Forest won several months ago on this blog – I’m so thankful that she’s been unbelievably patient in waiting for me to finish it. I’ll post my results here in a day or two!