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Hi Everyone,

Back in 1998, C. R. Gibson was one of my first clients when I started freelancing as an artist. When I landed my first few assignments with them, it was a really strong sign that I was going to make it in my new career. A few weeks ago, they asked me to write a blog post about what inspires me as an artist. The post I wrote for them is now published on their blog (see the link below). As part of the post, they are offering a chance to win a giveaway of an address book and guest book featuring my designs—a total value of $41! To enter, you need to go to their blog and leave a comment. They have a link to all the rules for the giveaway.

Here’s the link to my blog post on C. R Gibson’s Designed for Inspiration blog—







I hope you enjoy my post. Please comment and enter for a chance to win the prize! Don’t forget you must enter a comment on the C. R. Gibson blog to be entered (commenting here will not enter you into the giveaway!). I’ll be replying to comments on their blog for about a week or so.

Best of Luck!

Tim :0)

P.S. – I’m finally working on finishing that giveaway project that Blackbeary Forest won several months ago on this blog – I’m so thankful that she’s been unbelievably patient in waiting for me to finish it. I’ll post my results here in a day or two!


Remembering 911


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Thanks to everyone who hasn’t given up on me yet. All is well here, and I hope all is well with you, too. It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything, but I felt a strong need to acknowledge this day – September 11th.

I’m still not ready to commit to blogging every day again (yet). I’m thinking I’d like to start with a blog per month and try to work my way back into a more frequent schedule.



I’ve been missing blogging recently, because I’ve been a little overwhelmed with a big deadline that’s approaching. It’s all exciting, positive stuff, but I do miss my blogging. I wish I could add more hours to the day! When my project is finished, I hope to get back to a more regular blogging schedule.

Here’s the post from the other day in color at the request of California Kid.