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Telling a story with a character usually involves at least two characters. It is the interactions between them that reveal their personalities. So I am beginning to define the cat. What are his traits? How does he interact with his human? Rather than answer everything at once, I’d like for those questions to be answered over time in a series of situations. I’m sure there will be inconsistencies as I go along, but every character has the potential for self-contradiction.

This is a first rough sketch. I’m beginning to define the cat’s personality, but I don’t have a strong sense of his human yet. I’m not quite sure what type of clothing she should be wearing, hairstyle, facial features. She’s going to need to go through some transformations, because all of these things give clues to her character. I need to begin making some decisions. This could be a very long process, so I’ll try not to bore with too much detail.

Since this will be a long term project, I felt like I needed some instant gratification today, and I made a quick drawing of dogwood. I’m not sure why I drew dogwood. Maybe it’s because I’m thinking of adding a dog to the cast of characters. Maybe his name will be Wood.