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I have to admit, I’m feeling a little lethargic after taking yesterday off. I went to see the movie The Help with a few friends yesterday. I’m not going to review it here, because I’m sure there are plenty of reviews across the internet, but I will say it was an excellent movie and well worth seeing.

I decided I wanted to add some humor into my posts occasionally. I thought of creating a character or cast of characters that I could return to again and again, sort of like creating a comic strip. I don’t have any solid ideas yet, but maybe it’s something that could evolve over time, and I could show my process in developing a long term project that involves telling a story. How is it possible to breathe life into a a character when starting from nothing more than a random scribble of a cat? The way I work in developing a project like that is to go step by step, building a little at a time and making corrections in the process. Developing an original character that behaves naturally and looks consistent over the course of a series of drawings is a huge challenge. But it appears the process has begun. Yesterday’s resting cat has woken up, and he’s thinking about where his imagination will take him.