Today, I had a little stage fright, knowing my drawing would appear on the blog. Rather than dwelling on that fact, I picked up my Sharpie and started drawing on a fresh piece of paper. Within seconds a tree was forming, and I knew I would be OK. I think the largest challenge I face with these doodles is what to draw. Once an image is forming on the paper, my mind begins to wander, thinking about what the drawing wants to communicate.

As I was drawing, the words were coming to me, but it took me a minute to figure out where to place the words within the composition. Actually, the words that originally came to me were “Trees reach for the sky and grasp a small piece of it.” However, when I came to the place where the word “small” would go, I realized the space was demanding a larger word than small, so I went with it and changed the word to “large”. Now, I like this version better. I’m learning I just have to make the best of each moment as I’m drawing these free flowing, unplanned sketches.