When I created the mold and deckle for my paper making project, I was left with the glass panels from the frames. I thought this would be a good opportunity to prepare one of those panels for making monoprints.

I simply taped the sharp edges of the glass with masking tape to protect my fingers.

Making a monoprint is simple. Paint the glass with watered down paint, and press a sheet of paper onto the glass to transfer the image. You can use any type of water based paint or ink. For these monoprints I used acrylic paint mixed with water, and I transferred the images onto my hand made paper. Eventually, I plan to make a short video showing the monoprinting process on my Youtube channel.

Monoprints are fun to make because they are very fast to create, and you never know what the results will be. Once they dry, you can draw and paint on top of the prints if you wish.