A few months ago, I had mentioned the idea of creating a video showing how to make paper. Making paper is a great opportunity to up-cycle small pieces of waste paper or scrapbooking paper that would normally be thrown out. I think it’s my most ambitious Youtube project yet, and it could require a few videos to go through the whole process. It’s been many years since the last time I made paper, so I’m relearning the process. I’ll post photos each day of my progress.

This is a photo of the first step. I tore up scrapbooking paper scraps and some used inkjet paper into small pieces. You can run sheets of paper through a paper shredder – this really speeds up the process.

I soaked the shredded paper overnight in a pan of cold water. This softens the paper for blending in an electric blender. I bought one at Walmart for $15. I don’t recommend using the blender for food after using it to blend paper pulp.

I made a mold and deckle from two document frames from a dollar store. The frames must be very flat, because they need to fit together tightly when forming the paper. Plus, they need to be solid, not hollow sheets of molded plastic – so look carefully at the construction to be sure they will be suitable for a mold and deckle.

To make the mold, I stretched a piece of nylon tulle onto one of the frames and hot glued it on the sides. The frame for the deckle is left “as is”.

When the video is complete, it will be uploaded to my Youtube channel, probably in a few weeks. It’s an ambitious project, so it will take some time to complete the video editing and voiceover. I’ll be sure to place a link on the blog once it’s uploaded to Youtube.