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When I started the Finny and Wood series, my intention was to share my process for creating a character. For anyone who is curious to see the development from start to present, I created a category called “Creating a Character”, and I’ve placed all the Finny and Wood panels into that category.

In the beginning, I didn’t quite know who these characters were, but I’m starting to get a sense of them now. Up until yesterday’s post, Finny hadn’t spoken. When creating a story in an imaginary world, it’s important to define the rules. How close to reality do I want the characters to be? Deciding whether animals can speak or not is a huge decision, so I didn’t take it lightly. I decided whenever Finny speaks to a human, the first word out of his mouth should be “Me”. I’m not sure if I should keep that rule when he speaks to another animal, such as Wood. I’ll have to cross that bridge when I come to it. However, I feel good about the “Me” decision. He’s a cat, and in the real world, humans can’t understand all the different meanings of “Meow” without some imaginative interpretation. That’s why I think this rule works. I needed to give Finny speech for the sake of developing these characters.

I’m trying to decide whether to continue every day with this storyline until it’s complete, or if I should switch things up and limit this storyline to once or twice a week. I will continue placing these in the Creating a Character category and the Finny and Wood category, so that people who are interested can easily follow along. I see this blog as a conversation, so I’d love to get comments from people on what you’d like to see. There are so many possibilities on the direction of this blog. Sometimes I feel like every day there’s a new fork in this blogging road.