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Yesterday, when I started the first drawing of a hand holding a balloon I abandoned it immediately, because I realized it was positioned in the wrong place. It was obvious that I needed to start again with a fresh piece of paper.

This morning, searching for an idea, the false start from yesterday jumped out at me and became the idea for today’s daily doodle. As I imagined what the image should be, the words took shape first – “Picking up a false start and running with it.” I was excited to come up with this idea. I signed the paper in the usual spot in the bottom right hand corner and scanned it into my computer. It appeared upside down on the screen, but that’s when it became clear what the image should be.

I clearly saw that the line should be the tail of a kite. It made perfect sense for the image and words. Sometimes you have to turn something upside down to get the right perspective. This is something Zendictive has written about and drawn in his Etegami. It happened quite literally here, as you can see from the position of my signature in the final drawing.