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I finally have a little breathing room in my work schedule to take care of some things that have gone neglected.

A while back, I held a 150 Subscriber giveaway on the blog. The winner was Laurie, Blackbeary Forest. My intention was to work on the project a little every day and post my progress until completion. However, I lost my grip on that project until today.

I used the time that I normally spend creating my daily doodle to make some progress on the giveaway project. I frequently experiment with unusual techniques for my Youtube channel. This one involved attaching a cake decorating tip to a tube of acrylic paint as a way of creating dimension on the canvas. I don’t plan to make a video out of this one, because I ran into some problems. The main problem was that the tip I used was the smallest one available, and it required a lot of strength to force the paint through the tip. I wouldn’t use this tip again myself. I also found the tape wasn’t quite adequate in securing the tip, and the paint starting leaking. It worked well as far as advancing the giveaway canvas project, though. You lose some, you win some!