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I started off wanting to create a concept to represent “Thinking outside the box.”

This first image, while cute, did not satisfy me. I thought what if the box had a label? What if the label was a little deceptive? So I started to think about replacing the cat with a lion.

I was also thinking about how the world wants to label everyone, but people are much more than the labels the world gives us (and we are more than the labels we give ourselves).

I felt this concept had improved, but I still felt it needed to be taken a step further. So, I doodled the final two panels below.

I felt satisfied with this concept. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I don’t revise my ideas for this blog. The daily doodles are almost always one shot drawings. However, it seemed appropriate for today’s theme to show the process of taking a simple idea and transforming it into a more “thought out” concept. Isn’t that what “thinking outside the box” is all about?