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Today I’m posting another Creating Equals Playing doodle. I was inspired to continue with this theme by a recent post called “Taking a Load Off”, by Janece of The Wild Pomegranate Blog. I’ve added her blog to my blog roll.


Janece had spoken about how surrounding yourself with positivity can lead to more positivity. Sometimes negativity and self-criticism can creep into one’s creative process. When I first started this blog I had a lot of self-doubt, and I was fortunate that I found my way onto a positive path in creating these posts.

The idea of creating without goals was inspired by something Dr. Stewart Brown said in an interview. Play is extremely important to the health of the human brain, and there are many types of play. He mentioned a whole list of activities that can be play, including writing and creating artwork. The most important factor that determines whether an activity is play rather than work is whether or not there is a goal in the activity. If the players are playing to win, then it becomes work. If you intend to achieve something, it’s not the kind of play he is talking about. If you are putting yourself under stress with the intention of the activity leading to an achievement of a goal, then it can no longer be considered play, and it is not tapping into the part of the brain that is stimulated by play. I think everyone needs to play more whether it’s social play or laughing and joking with people, playing games, or creating something.

This blog is my way of playing at creating, and I need to be remind myself to keep it as a playful activity for myself.