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Rachel’s comment on yesterday’s post inspired today’s drawing. She said the doodle of the Sharpie rocket made her giggle, which reminded me how important it is to laugh often.

Now, here’s the progress I’ve made on the 150 subscriber giveaway project. For the technique I will be using, I needed a piece of cardboard at least a half inch larger than the front cover of the canvas on all sides. I cut out the cardboard from a Cheerios box, but you could also use poster board as a substitute.

I painted it black.

I painted the sides and back of the canvas black.

I didn’t paint the cover of the canvas black, because the cereal box will be pasted over it anyway, so there’s no need to waste paint.

Tomorrow, I will continue to show my progress. When the piece is complete, I will show photographs, and I will post an instructional video.