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I spent a little time this summer attempting to photograph dragonflies. I didn’t have much luck.

One thing I noticed is dragonflies seem to want to find the highest place in a garden and rest there. Drawing this dragonfly from memory got me thinking. I wonder if it would be possible for a person to do that mentally – to find the highest possible position for the mind to rest or the highest plane of thought for productivity. I’m not sure exactly what that would entail. Maybe it comes down to considering, at every moment, am I doing the best that I can do at this moment? If I’m resting, am I resting at the highest possible point and getting the most out of that rest? Or am I resting, while at the same time worrying about accomplishing things? If I’m working, am I working at the highest level of productivity, or am I obsessing about checking e-mail 10 times an hour?

So my mission today is to try to find that highest point of every moment to get the most out of the day.