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Yesterday, I thought, “What happens if can’t think of anything in the morning? What if I write a few things to get ahead? Is that cheating the idea of this blog?”

I decided there are no rules like that for this blog. Anything goes here. Creating on a daily basis is a challenge, and the fewer restrictions I have, the more freedom there is to create. It’s about what I feel like creating at the moment. I wrote a few things last night that I might use in the future if I get stuck. I decided that’s OK. Ideas can take time to form, sometimes they can take years to turn into something significant.

It turned out that I didn’t need those ideas this morning after all. I had drawn a flower yesterday morning, and I decided to fill it in with some ideas about creating. This opened up a new idea for me. Art and writing can’t live in a vacuum. Something you are creating right now had its beginnings somewhere in the past. Everything you create now will somehow influence you in the future. I see art as a collaboration with both the past and the future.