For those of you who have trouble reading upside down, here is the verse from the image: “Filtering out the clutter allows the truly meaningful ideas to reveal themselves in all their complexity, simplicity and sometimes paradoxical beauty.”

I filmed myself drawing this morning. I am considering posting the video on Youtube. I might make it private, just for readers of this blog to access. If anyone is interested in seeing video of these drawings, or if you have suggestions, please let me know. I could post all 12 and a half minutes of raw video in real time, or I could speed up the video to play in a couple of minutes. I watched the real time video and it gets boring after a couple of minutes, but if there’s enough interest, I might just try it.

This morning, there were many things running through my mind as I was drawing. I decided to keep the composition simple, and that’s where the writing came from. It was my attempt at cutting through the clutter of all the random thoughts as I searched for something to write that would have meaning.

When I finished the drawing and scanned the image, I noticed there were a couple of spots in the center of the flower that I left blank. I simply forgot to fill them with the pattern I had filled the others with. I almost decided to fill those spaces in, but I had already decided the drawing was complete. I resisted the urge to go back and fill those spaces in. Maybe that’s part of letting go of inhibitions. Allowing freedom also means embracing imperfections in the design.