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This is the final day of this box art series. I struggled today trying to decide whether the piece is finished, or if I should continue. How do you decide whether you’re being impatient or if the art is done and it’s time to move on? Maybe it has to do with whatever territory is being explored, and if it has been explored enough. This piece has served its purpose of opening up a new avenue – the idea of working on a project a little every day as a kind of meditation. I believe it’s time for me to move on to a new project for this blog. Here’s what I’ve done to put a period on this piece.

I smeared a little more color on the front.

I filled the blank areas with writing, starting with the side. “Search within for the answers.”

I just started writing on the back with whatever was in in mind at the moment – almost like an exercise in stream of consciousness writing. I realized my handwriting seemed very mundane, so I started experimenting with the way I was writing the letters.

and finally, on the top, I wrote “be true BE TRUE.”

Now it’s time to move on. I have no idea what I’ll start tomorrow. It could be a longer term project. Maybe something more involved with more detail, more planning. It’s up in the air. Tomorrow will provide an answer.