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Yesterday, I made a blank canvas from a box of Wheat Thins.  Just hot glue the lids closed. Cover it in brown acrylic paint (so the graphics won’t bleed through). Once the brown paint is dry, cover it with white acrylic gesso (or any acrylic paint color of your choice). You can see a tutorial on my Youtube channel called Cereal Box Canvas Part 1. But with this Wheat Thins box, I didn’t go through all the steps of taping it with masking tape. I kept this one simple, and I think the simple approach is my favorite. I’m starting a series on this blog where I will paint for a few minutes every day and show the daily progress.

Just as I was about to get started, I saw my Youtube channel had a new subscriber, Melanie (moonweavings is her Youtube channel). She had a message in one of her videos “Don’t think. Just. Paint.” – and it was just what I needed today before I got started. Here is her blog link. http://www.weavingthemoon.com/



I started out by tracing my right hand with a paintbrush and black paint held by my left hand. Then I wrote a message to myself. I will only have a few minutes each day to do this, because my schedule is so busy with deadlines, but this is my chance to play and meditate through painting.