Today, I’m showing a little glimpse into how ideas start for me. Every year since 2007, I have created a calendar for Lang called Reflections. Below is the cover of this year’s calendar—


The calendar always features floral artwork with verse for all twelve months. The verse needs to say something true about life, but it also strives to be clever or a little witty, but always positive and life affirming. Every year I try to improve on the previous year in the quality of the artwork and the writing.

I doodled these giraffes and the elephant the other day for the purpose of posting them on this blog. After I drew them, I asked myself what kind of message would go with them. So I thought about giraffes with their long necks and thought about the reason they have their long necks – to reach the leaves they eat from tall trees.

It seemed the verse might work for the Reflections calendar. However, it probably needs to go through a transformation. Giraffes won’t work for the calendar, because it is always a floral themed calendar. So, there needs to be a new piece of artwork that makes sense with the verse. I might create something with insects or birds. Maybe a hummingbird. I haven’t used a hummingbird image in the calendar in a long time. And hummingbirds would be a great fit for the verse, because they have their long beaks for a similar reason giraffes have their long necks.

The verse probably needs to change a little. I need to think it through and try to take it to a higher level in some way. Does it really say something significant yet? My sense is that it needs fine tuning, or maybe it will take an entirely different turn by the time it is added to the calendar. By the way, the 2012 calendar is already printed. I’ve already completed work on the 2013 calendar a couple of months ago. If this piece of writing makes it into a calendar, it would be the 2014 calendar or later (assuming Lang will want a 2014 calendar!) – so there’s plenty of time for revisions!