I can feel this blog is getting too serious. It could become a very introspective and dark exploration of creativity, but my description is “Caffeine for the creative soul”. What does that mean, exactly? It seemed catchy at the time I was starting the blog, and it tied in with my last name. Plus, I thought it sounded more interesting and less serious than some of the other descriptions I tried out. So, it’s time for me to put some caffeine into what I’m doing. I’m going to try my best to be inventive.

When I write fiction, I usually put a lot of humor into my work, but humor takes time and effort (for me anyway), and a blog can’t be rewritten a thousand times until it’s right, especially a daily blog. There’s no time for rewriting, which is scary to me. It’s funny that with a self-published blog, there’s no time to edit, yet it’s the easiest thing in the world to get published, and there’s no safety net. There’s no one to check my grammar – so editors out there – please don’t hold my blog grammar against me if my novel ever lands on your desk.

A few years ago, I wrote a novel for kids, ages 9 to 12, which remains unpublished. It took me three years to write it. I shopped it around to a few editors and a couple of agents. I received a few critiques. Everyone seemed to agree on two things – the idea was original – the writing was bad. Well, I shouldn’t say bad, one agent told me it was one of the best written manuscripts he read at the conference (International SCBWI conference). He was a senior agent at one of the top agencies in New York, and that was my first critique, and he really liked my illustrations. But I think it was all downhill from there, because the last editor who critiqued my manuscript (senior editor at one of the top publishers in New York) suggested that I start from scratch – and this time make it good. Plus, she said the illustrations (while they were beautiful in their own right) were old fashioned. I suppose she was right. She thought maybe I could save it if I rewrote it in first person. At least she thought I had an original idea. I’ve barely scratched the surface at attempting to rewrite it. I don’t know if I have it in me.

I’m getting too serious again. Ha ha!