Today is one of those days when I only had time to create a quick doodle. I used the souffle pen to draw this owl on a scrap of plastic from the wrapper of an inkjet cartridge. I’m always trying to come up with recycling ideas for my art, and I thought the labels on the bag would add to the design in an interesting way (not so successful at this point, maybe I can save it somehow). I’m also trying to be more free with my drawings. I have a tendency to fall back onto loading my artwork up with details, sometimes to the detriment of the artwork. So, these quick doodles are an exercise in creating more gestural work.

I was a little surprised with the souffle pens. I thought they would be more dimensional. Also, I thought this pen was black, but it was actually gray, and it lightened significantly when it dried. The pens are suitable for drawing and writing on plastic, and I found in performing a test on paper, that it flattens out more on the paper than on plastic or a non-porous material.

I’m not sure what I will do with this owl. I might put him into an art journal I’ve been working on. I’ve started a series on Youtube showing the progress on my first art journal, which I made from a junk mail catalog. I hope to post the second video in that series this weekend on my Youtube channel.